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When you go through an issue such as divorce, it involves everything that matters most to you: your children, your property and your earnings. At Stavros Law, we know what is at stake. Whatever outcome you obtain during your divorce, you will likely have to live with for many years into the future. Our lawyers will listen to you carefully so we understand your goals before taking any action.

No one enters a marriage thinking that it will end in divorce. Unfortunately, your marriage may have reached the point where you realize that divorce is not only possible but inevitable. If you are facing a divorce, you will have to make numerous important decisions about your home, assets and children. Because divorce is a stressful, emotional time, most people find that counsel from a compassionate attorney helps them consider all of their options before making decisions.

Our Utah lawyers will help you explore issues such as:

Property and asset division: In Utah, marital property is divided by equitable distribution. Equitable distribution means that the marital assets will be divided fairly between the parties, which is not necessarily a 50-50 division.
Spousal support: There are two types of alimony in Utah: alimony paid while the divorce is in process and alimony that is paid after the divorce is final.
Child custody: In Utah, custody is determined by what is in the best interests of the child. If the parents cannot agree on what is in the child's best interests, the court will decide.
Visitation: Unless there are concerns about parental fitness or ability to care for the child, Utah courts believe that children are best served by spending time with both of their parents.
Child support: Utah child support guidelines calculate each parent's child support obligations based on factors such as the incomes of both parents, the child custody arrangement and the number of children supported.

If you and your spouse agree on how to resolve all of these issues, your divorce will be uncontested. However, if you are unable to reach on any of these issues, your divorce is considered contested.

At Stavros Law, provide caring, knowledgeable legal support to people who are either planning for divorce or going through the process. We represent individuals and their families throughout Utah. Our goal is to ensure you have the facts you need to make informed decisions about your future. To schedule a free initial telephone consultation, please call (810 758-7604 or contact us online.


In some cases, people want to end their marriage with an annulment rather than a divorce. When a marriage is annulled, the marriage contract is declared null and void. It is as if the marriage never took place.

There are several statutory and common law reasons for annulment in Utah. Some examples include:

When the marriage was based on fraud or deception
When the marriage was not legal because one partner was already married
When one of the partners was not of sound mind
When one of the partners was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
When one of the partners is incapable of performing marital duties

It is best to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer to find out if your marriage qualifies for an annulment. Utah courts are more likely to grant an annulment if the marriage was short in duration.

Some people choose annulment for religious reasons. In other circumstances, people want their marriage annulled because their partner deceived them. An annulment will establish that the marriage never existed in law.

Our family law attorneys are easy to talk to and will listen carefully to you. To schedule a free initial telephone consultation concerning annulment, please call (801) 758-7604 or contact us online.


Some people want to live separately from their spouse but do not want to get a divorce. In these circumstances, a legal separation may be appropriate. A decree of legal separation is similar to a divorce, except you and your spouse will remain legally married.

In Utah, a legal separation is available only in the following circumstances:

If one spouse deserts the other
If one spouse fails to provide for the other

In a decree of legal separation, you and your spouse will need to resolve all of the same issues that you would in a divorce, including marital property division, alimony, child custody and visitation, and child support. If you later decide to divorce, the process will be easier because you have already resolved these issues.

There are several reasons why people choose legal separation instead of divorce. Some choose to remain married for religious reasons. If you obtain a legal separation, you are still married legally and in the eyes of the church. Others choose legal separation because they want to separate their lives and their finances from their spouse, but they are not ready to get a divorce.

Our lawyers can advise you whether a legal separation is an appropriate way to reach your goals. At Stavros Law,  we offer a free initial telephone consultation to explain the difference between legal separation and divorce.

Please call our Draper, Utah office at (801) 758-7604 today to schedule a consultation.


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