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Fathers' Rights in FamilyLaw

Many fathers who go through the divorce process in Utah assume that the court is stacked against them. Today, those assumptions no longer hold true. As a father, you have a right to equal treatment under the law. Our lawyers will work hard to help you get a fair outcome based on the facts of your case.

We aggressively fight for your rights as a father to child custody and support, where applicable, and to equitable alimony payments and appropriate asset and property division.

We can help you fight for your interests with respect to all of the following issues:

Child custody: Utah courts consider a number of factors in determining which parent should have primary physical custody and how much visitation the other parent should have. One of those factors is who was the primary caretaker in the past. The more involved you are in your children's lives, the more likely it is that you can obtain your custody and parent time goals.

Child support: In Utah, men may be obligated to pay or entitled to receive child support. The child support calculation considers the incomes of both parents and the amount of overnights the children have with each parent.

Marital property division: Utah courts divide marital property and debts by the law of equitable distribution. Equitable does not necessarily mean 50-50. Courts will consider the length of the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage, and the age, health, occupation and sources of income of each spouse. Gender is not a factor.

Spousal support: Whether you are required to pay or are entitled to receive alimony will depend on the facts of your case and not your gender.

To discuss your rights as a father, please contact our office for your free initial telephone consultation at (801) 758-7604or contact us online.

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