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 Business Fraud Litigation

Our Utah business lawyers have significant experience assisting

clients with business fraud issues for both businesses impacted by 

fraud and individuals subjected to fraud. We can assist you with 

claims to recover your losses, and holding accountable those who

seek to defraud you. We can also act aggressively to find assets

and hold them pending an outcome of the case, to ensure that

you'll have the ability to recover your losses if you prevail and

obtain a judgment recouping your loss. Our Utah business litigation

lawyers help employees, officers or owners, as well as corporations,

in fraud cases, including misrepresentation, deceptive business

practices and unfair competition claims.  To speak with a business

fraud attorney immediately, call our office at (801) 758-7604.

Whether you need plaintiff or defense representation, the Utah business fraud attorneys at Stavros Law have the knowledge and skill to pursue your fraud case and to help you. There are numerous state and federal laws that are designed to protect against fraud, including internet fraud, cyber crimes, unfair competition claims, and related fraudulent activities.  Regardless of your status as plaintiff or defendant, our Utah business litigation lawyers will investigate the fraud claim and the actions of the opposing party. Claims of billing fraud, government contract fraud and accounting fraud are sometimes nothing more than poor bookkeeping, misinterpretation of financial records or simple mistakes. Before we move forward with a case, we make sure there is a valid claim, or we can take steps to defend you against claims that lack merit.

If you have been the victim of fraud, it's important to act quickly and contact a lawyer who can help you understand business fraud laws. Even if you suspect that you have been the subject of fraudulent business activities or related practices, it's important to act quickly to preserve your legal rights. Unlike other claims, fraud claims can also involve simultaneous civil and criminal proceedings. Also, business fraud claims also typically require a showing of intent, and must be plead and proved with particularity.  As such, it's important to have a Utah business fraud attorney who knows the law and knows how to prove fraud. Often, it's very important to preserve relevant evidence at the earliest possible stage, obtain affidavits or other sworn testimony from witnesses and take actions to preserve relevant evidence - including electronically stored evidence - from intentional or unintentional destruction.

Fraud can occur in a variety of situations, including when statements are made that are false and when an individual fails to disclose relevant information. In nondisclosure cases it can be especially important to establish that the other party had a duty to disclose the information. Our Utah business litigation lawyers have assisted clients with a variety of business fraud litigation claims, including, fraudulent inducement claims, negligent misrepresentation claims, unfair competition claims, securities fraud claims, real estate fraud claims and related cases.

Whatever your needs, the Utah business litigation attorneys at Stavros Law can assist you with reviewing, organizing, investigating and pursuing your claims.  Where appropriate, we can also assist you with bringing multi-party or class action complaints if the facts of the case are amenable to multi-party claims.

Our Utah business fraud lawyers have experience representing businesses and individuals with respect to a variety of fraud and fraud-related claims,in Utah, including Salt Lake City, Draper, Lehi, Provo, Orem and St. George, across the Mountain West, and the United States, including in matters involving:

Securities fraud

Real estate fraud

Finance fraud

Consumer fraud

Business torts and related claims

Intentional and negligent misrepresentation

Common law fraud

Civil conspiracy

Civil theft & conversion of assets
Government contract fraud/false claims, including qui tam actions on behalf of the government
Misappropriation of trade secrets
Unfair competition
Fraudulent billing practices
Accounting fraud
Deceptive business practices

Internet and cyber crimes

To obtain more information about Utah business fraud litigation services we can provide, or to discuss how we may be able to help you, please call (801) 758-7604, or
contact us online.

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