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In Utah and across the nation, courts have made general public policy exceptions to the termination of at-will employees as well. For example, in Utah employees can bring claims for wrongful termination in violation of public policy.  These situations typically cover instances where the policy of the state or federal government is violated by an employer. For example, in Utah employees are entitled to file and obtain workers compensation benefits for on-the-job injuries.  An employer who terminates an employee for exercising his right to obtain workers compensation has terminated an employee illegally and in violation of a substantial public policy of the State of Utah (i.e., workers compensation).  Another example of a public policy is jury duty. Under Utah law and state laws across the country, employees are entitled to leave to serve on jury duty. An employer who terminates an employee because he exercised his right to serve on a jury has terminated an employee illegally and in violation of a substantial public policy.  There are numerous other situations in which a termination might be in violation of a clear and substantial public policy.  

In some cases, an employee may also have a claim for negligence against an employer, or negligent hiring and supervision of other employees. In other cases, an employee may have a claim for fraud or negligent misrepresentation. These cases tend to arise where employees are made certain promises in order to accept employment but discover that the promises and representations were false.

In other cases, you may have a claim for defamation or libel based upon oral or written statements made by your employer. Often, these cases arise in the context of your prior employer providing untrue or false information to prospective employers, or your employer or its agents publicizing false reasons for your termination.

The Utah employment lawyers at Stavros Law have significant experience litigating wrongful termination claims for both employers and employees. Our wrongful termination lawyers in Utah have represented both employees and employers in state and federal courts in Utah and outside of Utah with respect to a variety of wrongful termination claims.

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