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Stavros Law P.C. is a Utah law firm providing legal services to individuals and businesses in Utah, the Mountain West and across the United States, including Salt Lake City, Draper, Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan, Lehi, Provo, Orem and Spanish Fork.  Our lawyers provide civil litigation, trial and appeal work to clients in federal and state courts throughout the United States. We provide litigation and counseling services for clients in the areas of business and commercial law, employment and labor law, health care law and family law.

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Business Ownership Litigation

Often, when your business is sued it faces the prospect of significant financial exposure, or even bet-the-business litigation. By any estimation, the risks can be enormous and unsuccessful outcomes devastating. It is not uncommon for businesses to go bankrupt because of high-dollar civil litigation, or to lose the right to proprietary technology because of the theft of trade secret claims or unfair competition from competitors.  It is even more difficult when the disputes arise from within: owner, partnership and shareholder disputes. These disputes can result in cessation of the business, or its implosion.

Disputes among partners are particularly devastating, yet not uncommon. Our lawyers have experience resolving disputes between partners, shareholders, members, joint venturers and other owners of businesses.  Our lawyers know how to help you negotiate and think strategically to obtain the best results for you and your business.

Stavros Law provides cutting edge, quality legal services at about half the cost of most large law firms in the region.  Unlike most large law firms who provide mostly defense work for businesses, we're not in the business of dragging out litigation so that we can support excessive partner profits, high overhead cost and inexperienced staff. In other words, we don't use business litigation as our gravy train.  Instead, we run our law firm on a lean and mean budget and focus only on expenses that help us effectively resolve cases for you. By doing this, we can afford to resolve your cases at an early stage, or limit the expense for cases that must go to trial. And we can do this without sacrificing quality or your ability to prevail. In addition, unlike most law firms who lock you into uncontrollable billable hour fee arrangements and assign three or more attorneys to your lawsuit, Stavros law represents clients under a wide range of fee arrangements (value billing, hybrid, and contingency-based fee arrangements) that put pressure on us to succeed, and our firm typically has no more than two attorneys assigned to even the most complex commercial litigation matters.

Contact an Experienced Commercial and Business Litigation Lawyer

Our lawyers have assisted business owners with a variety of claims inside and outside of the courtroom. Often, as businesses grow (or decline), the relationships among stakeholders can fracture. Our attorneys advise members, shareholders, partners and owners on how to best resolve these types of disputes. We take a proactive approach, exhausting efforts to protect your interests while avoiding costly litigation.  However, when litigation is necessary, we are ready to proceed to court and take your case to trial when necessary.

Our lawyers have assisted clients with negotiating buy-out agreements, replacing stakeholders or expanding and/or merging businesses. We have also assisted with the sale of businesses or interests in businesses. In addition, we have experience with all types of company governance disputes, including oppression, squeeze out, breach of fiduciary duty and related claims. Similarly, we have assisted businesses with disputes that arise from capital infusions or changes in control following the acquisition of financing or merger.

Our business lawyers' experience gives us a clear advantage inside and outside of the courtroom. Whether you need assistance with completing transactions, or reviewing transactions for breach of contract and related claims, or you need assistance asserting ownership claims or defending against ownership claims, our business lawyers can help you.

For a free initial telephone consultation, please call us at (801) 758-7604 or contact us online.  We'd love to discuss how we can serve you in new and better ways, under fee arrangements that put pressure on us to provide direction and deliver results for you.

Stavros Law - Trial Lawyers