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Utah Unemployment Lawyers

At Stavros Law, our employment law attorneys are experienced with Utah unemployment laws.  Our lawyer have represented hundreds of employees and employers with respect to a wide variety of unemployment benefit issues, including employer audits, no-fault, fault and fraud over payments and benefit claims, denials and appeals, including appeals to the Workforce Services Board and the Utah Court of Appeals of benefit determinations. We also have significant experience assisting employees with challenging DWS determinations regarding independent contractor classifications.

One of the key purposes of Utah Employment Security Act, Utah Code Section 35A-4-101 et seq., is to ensure that persons who lose their employment  through no fault of their own have a security blanket to maintain their purchasing power and meet their basic needs while searching for new employment.  The Department of Workforce Services is responsible for administering Utah's unemployment insurance fund, issuing benefits to unemployed workers who may be eligible for the receipt of unemployment and performing related functions.  Our Utah unemployment lawyers can assist you with any Utah unemployment law issue.

Generally, if you are terminated an employer must prove that it had just cause to terminate your employment for unemployment benefits to be denied. There are three elements required to prove just cause: culpability, knowledge and control.  In addition, in many circumstances, employees who quit or who have other good reasons for voluntarily ending their employment relationship with their employer are also entitled to benefits. An employee, whether discharged voluntarily or involuntarily, must also demonstrate that she is engaged in a good faith effort to obtain employment and that continued unemployment is due to a lack of suitable job opportunities.  While relatively straightfoward, there are numerous exceptions and conditions related to obtain employment benefits, and employers or employees should seek appropriate legal assistance with any unemployment questions they have.

If an employee is denied benefits, or alternatively, an employer is determined to be liable for unemployment benefits, the employee or employer have the right to file an appeal and request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). In addition, the employee or employee have the right to seek review of the decision with the Workforce Services Appeal Board, and even appeal to the Utah Court of Appeals or Utah Supreme Court.

Whatever questions or concerns you have about Utah unemployment insurance or benefits, our lawyers can help. We have an excellent track record representing both employees and employers in unemployment proceedings.  For additional information about the Utah unemployment benefit services we provide in Utah, Salt Lake City, Draper, Sandy, Lehi and beyond, please call us at (801) 758-7604 or contact us online.

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