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Stavros Law P.C. is a Utah law firm providing legal services to individuals and businesses in Utah, the Mountain West and across the United States, including Salt Lake City, Draper, Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan, Lehi, Provo, Orem and Spanish Fork.  Our lawyers provide civil litigation, trial and appeal work to clients in federal and state courts throughout the United States. We provide litigation and counseling services for clients in the areas of business and commercial law, employment and labor law, health care law and family law.

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​Trial Lawyers

Stavros Law - Trial Lawyers

General Business Litigation

At Stavros Law, our trial lawyers deal with complex commercial and business litigation on a daily basis. We have experience representing, start-up, small and medium-sized businesses on a variety of general business litigation matters in both federal and state court.

Often, when your business is sued it faces the prospect of significant financial exposure, or even bet-the-business litigation. By any estimation, the risks can be enormous and unsuccessful outcomes devastating. It is not uncommon for businesses to go bankrupt because of high-dollar civil litigation, or to lose the right to proprietary technology because of the theft of trade secret claims or unfair competition from competitors.  In some situations, you may need to aggressively pursue claims against competitors for breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, or interference with your business or economic relationships.  To protect your interests, you need a law firm you can trust, that will accurately assess your exposure and develop a litigation strategy that addresses your concerns in light of the legal realties in which you operate.

The attorneys at Stavros law advise and represent many start-up, small and medium-sized businesses, executives and professionals, and others throughout Utah who must consider taking legal action or defend their interests when a lawsuit is filed against them. These disputes arise in a variety of context and forums and involve ownership issues, proprietary rights, contract claims and disputes, matters of employment law, ranging from discrimination and harassment claims to wrongful termination and potential breaches of employment agreements, real estate litigation and construction litigation, partnership, shareholder and ownership disputes — including allegations of fraud or a breach of fiduciary duty - and other similar claims.

Leveraging large firm experience, in-depth knowledge of state and federal laws, and our attorneys' own experience, Stavros Law, P.C., is a premier resource for people facing business litigation in Utah. We have the distinct advantage of extensive, successful work on both the plaintiff and defense sides of complex cases.

You can turn to Stavros Law, P.C., with confidence that we will work closely with you to grasp your goals and find the best path to resolution of your business problem. Often that means direct negotiation, mediation or arbitration, but we are also impeccably equipped to take your case through trial in the appropriate state or federal court. In fact, to get the best result for you, we prepare every case as if it's going to trial.

Stavros Law provides cutting edge, quality legal services at about half the cost of most large law firms in the region.  Unlike most large law firms who provide mostly defense work for businesses, we're not in the business of dragging out litigation so that we can support excessive partner profits, high overhead cost and inexperienced staff. In other words, we don't use business litigation as our gravy train.  Instead, we run our law firm on a lean and mean budget and focus only on expenses that help us effectively resolve cases for you. By doing this, we can afford to resolve your cases at an early stage, or limit the expense for cases that must go to trial. And we can do this without sacrificing quality. In addition, unlike most law firms who lock you into uncontrollable billable hour fee arrangements and assign three or more attorneys to your lawsuit, Stavros law represents clients under a wide range of fee arrangements (value billing, hybrid, and contingency-based fee arrangements) that put pressure on us to succeed, and our firm typically has no more than two attorneys assigned to even the most complex commercial litigation matters.

Our business litigation lawyers can help you with all your litigation needs. Please call us at (801) 758-7604 to see what we can do or contact us online.

Stavros Law - Trial Lawyers