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Stavros Law P.C. is a Utah law firm providing legal services to individuals and businesses in Utah, the Mountain West and across the United States, including Salt Lake City, Draper, Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan, Lehi, Provo, Orem and Spanish Fork.  Our lawyers provide civil litigation, trial and appeal work to clients in federal and state courts throughout the United States. We provide litigation and counseling services for clients in the areas of business and commercial law, employment and labor law, health care law and family law.

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Stavros Law - Trial Lawyers

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At Stavros Law, our Utah civil litigation attorney represent businesses and individuals in a wide variety of civil litigation, from business and commercial litigation to family law litigation.  Our trial lawyers have actual trial experience. We represent businesses and individuals in Utah, the Mountain West and throughout the United States. We pride ourselves with preparing each case as if it's going to trial. But, we don't try case simply to go to court. We take a look at the larger picture to see what our client's long-term goals are and how litigation impacts those goals, and then tailor a litigation strategy to obtain those goals.

Our trial attorneys in Salt Lake City Utah have experience in a number of areas, including:

Employment Litigation
Our civil litigation attorney in Utah have significant experience representing both employers and employees in employment litigation before administrative bodies, and in federal and state court. We represent individuals and businesses with any type of employment law issue.

Health Care Litigation
Our lawyers have significant experience representing both providers and practitioners in health care litigation. We have experience with virtually every area of health care law, and represent health care providers and individuals in every area except malpractice claims.

Partner, Shareholder and Ownership Litigation
Business disputes between principals are common, but costly, problems. The challenge is to resolve the dispute without damaging the business -or your interest in the business- in the process. The attorneys at Stavros Law understand the intricacies involved in disputes between owners, partners and shareholders. In these cases, we can represent the business entity or the individual. While we strive to resolve disputes without going to trial, we will litigate aggressively on your behalf when necessary. 
Shareholder, partner and owner disputes require counsel from an experienced attorney who understands the complexities of your business. Our law firm handles virtually every type of owner, partner and shareholder dispute.

Non-Disclosure and Trade Secret Litigation
Protecting trade secrets and other intellectual property is critical to the longevity of your business. It starts with putting the right contracts and employment agreements in place. If an employee or another party violates these contracts, we can pursue litigation. Or we can assert common law claims or statutory claims on your behalf, including misappropriation of trade secret claims. We can also enforce non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements, and litigate disputes involving these agreements.

Breach of Contract Litigation
For a business to operate successfully, all parties must meet their obligations on time and in accordance with their contracts. If one party fails to comply with a contract or agreement, the other party may suffer significant financial losses. Our Utah-based lawyers can help you resolve contract disputes and pursue adequate relief to compensate you for your losses related to all types of contracts.  In addition to resolving breach of contract issues, our attorneys can draft new contracts or review existing contracts for your business. We have experience in both federal and state courts bringing and defending against breach of contract claims.

Business Fraud Litigation
Our Utah-based law firm has significant experience handling complex commercial and business litigation, including cases involving business fraud. We can represent individual employees, officers or owners, as well as corporations or partnerships, in cases alleging fraud.  We can also defend you. Whether you need plaintiff or defense representation, Stavros Law has the knowledge and skill to pursue your case.

Real Estate Litigation
At Stavros Law we extensive experience representing Utah property owners, buyers, sellers, investors, real estate agents, builders, architects, engineers and developers. We can represent you or your company in any type of real estate litigation. Our goal is to maximize your investment, minimize your risk and reduce the potential for costly errors. Due to the complexities of real estate law, land use and zoning, mortgage terms and the amount of money involved, most people do not have the tools to handle a real estate dispute on their own. Stavros Law can assist you or your business with a full range of real estate issues, including, quiet title actions, boundary and easement disputes, zoning disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate fraud, mechanic's liens and ownership disputes.

Construction Litigation

An investment in new construction, site development, renovation or building repairs almost always involves a major expenditure. The business owner, property owner or developer depends heavily on a contractor to bid the project accurately, stay on a timeline and deliver quality work in all respects. In turn, contractors count on their clients to commit to a clear vision and specifications for the project, pay on time and uphold many other obligations. When disputes arise over construction projects, they can be extremely complex and challenging to resolve. Both sides may want to avoid a potentially costly lawsuit but have too much at stake to give ground in negotiations. At Stavros Law, P.C., in Salt Lake City, you can work with an experienced Utah construction litigation attorney who will thoroughly analyze your case and find the path to resolution that makes the most sense for you.

Securities Litigation
Securities fraud covers a broad range of deceptive or illegal business practices that may involve large hedge funds, major stock transactions, or business and real estate opportunities closer to home. Unfortunately, everyone from experienced investors and business owners to regular people have been victims of securities fraud. You may have responded to an online solicitation, been duped as part of an affinity group or have invested in what began as a legitimate opportunity.  Stavros Law can represent individuals and businesses in securities fraud cases. Whether you were the victim of fraud or have been mistakenly accused of fraud, our attorneys can investigate the case and determine liability. There may be numerous parties involved in securities fraud; company officials and employees, financial advisors, investors, investment advisors or criminals. As your attorneys, we will determine who is at fault for your losses.

Family Law Litigation

Our Utah civil litigation lawyers have significant experience representing individuals in all types of family law litigation.

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Stavros Law - Trial Lawyers