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Our employment lawyers regularly represent employees in wage and hour and overtime litigation in Utah, the Mountain West and throughout the United States. We have experience representing individuals and businesses in state and federal courts and before administrative bodies, including the defense of wage and hour claims.

Unfortunately, many employers take advantage of workers by violating federal and state laws that mandate the payment of minimum wages or overtime, or the prompt and full payment of wages when due.  Often, employees are misclassified by employers as "exempt" from minimum wage and overtime laws when they are entitled to minimum wage or overtime, denied meal and rest breaks or denied pay for performing certain pre-shift and post-shift duties in the course of the performance of their duties. In other situations, wages are not paid timely and promptly in accordance with federal and state law, or commissions or other compensation is shorted to employees.

The overtime attorneys at Stavros Law have experience representing employees (including multiple employee claims) whose rights have been violated under the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") or similar state and federal laws. If you or your coworkers believe you have been denied overtime or wages due to you, you can speak with one of the overtime and minimum wage law attorneys at Stavros Law about your rights. Our Utah wage and hour laws attorneys will keep your inquiry confidential and give you the information you need to determine what steps to take to preserve your wages. If your employer attempts to retaliate against you, we will take aggressive action to protect your rights and ensure that you are compensated for the loss of your job.

If you suspect you are not being paid for all hours worked, or that your employer is not paying overtime or miscalculating the amount of overtime due to you, you need to act quickly and contact a competent Utah wage and hour laws attorney. Among other things, you should watch for the following:

Misclassification.  Have you been misclassified as being exempt from overtime?  Are you treated improperly as an independent contractor, when you are actually an employee? If yes, you should speak with an experienced lawyer immediately.

Failure to compensate for all hours worked.  Has your employer denied you pay for all time you spent in the performance of your duties.  Are you required to complete tasks that benefit your employer "off the clock" or on your own time? If yes, you are likely due money from your employer.

Paying comp time in lieu of overtime.  Do you work for a private employer (as opposed to a government entity) who provides comp time off instead of overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours during any workweek? If yes, you are likely owed money for overtime hours you worked in the applicable workweek.

Making improper deductions from wages.  Has your employer classified you as "exempt" from overtime pay but makes deductions from your wages for time off or other impermissible reasons. If your employer has a practice of making improper deductions from your salary,  you may be non-exempt and entitled to overtime pay.

Failure to pay equal wages for equal work.  Does your employer pay women less than men, or men less than women, for substantially equivalent work? If so, your employer may be violating the Equal Pay Act.

Please contact our office at (801) 758-7604 to speak with an experienced Utah wage and hour laws attorney. about any issues you have.  We offer a free telephone consultation, or you can contact us online to set up an appointment.

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