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Sexual Harassment Attorney Sandy Utah

If you or someone close to you has experienced sexual harassment at work, the employment law attorneys at Stavros Law can help you. We have significant experience representing employees who have been harassed at work (or in other situations), including claims alleging sexual assault, sexual battery, intentional inflication of emotion distress and related claims.

Get the Legal Assistance You Need From An Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyer Utah

Claims of sexual harassment in the workplace can be a terrible problem, both for the employee and for the employer. As an employee experiencing sexual harassment, you might feel frightened and helpless, perhaps even feeling as if you need to look for another job. Similarly, as an employer, a sexual harassment claim could mean the end of your business. Whichever side of the case you find yourself, you need a lawyer with experience to represent you.

At Stavros Law, we represent employees and employers in all types of employment litigation. Our Utah sexual harassment lawyers have represented clients in prosecuting and defending against sexual harassment claims in state and federal courts in Utah and elsewhere.

The Typical Situation

In most situations, sexual harassment involves:

Sexually offensive jokes, comments, or e-mails that alter the terms, conditions or privileges of your employment
Unwelcome physical contact because of your sex, including rape, sexual assault and battery;

Comments of a sexual nature, including sexual banter and innuendo, sexist comments and jokes or other inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace
A supervisor or someone else in authority offering job benefits and opportunities in exchange for sexual behavior (sometimes referred to as "quid pro quo" harassment)

Other inappropriate verbal of physical harassment by supervisors, co-workers or third--parties

What Can Our Utah Sexual Harassment Lawyers Do For You

Our approach to sexual harassment cases is similar to our approach to employment discrimination,workplace retaliation and wage and hour violations cases - We prepare every case as if it's going to trial.  In preparing your case, we do the following things:

Consultation: The first and most important thing we do is listen. When we learn about your situation, we will consult with you regarding your options and help determine which course of action might be best for you. We don't take over your case. We decide what your interest are and fight to protect those interests in the manner you want.

Investigation and Preparation:  We investigate your claims, review available documents, and contact witnesses who may have information to support your claims. At every step, our sexual harassment attorney in Utah involve you in this process to ensure that evidence is preserved and that information is gathered to support your claims or defenses.

Settlement: Where appropriate, we seek to resolve your claim at an early stage. In doing this, we may write a letter to the other party, explaining the situation and making either a demand for a fair and appropriate settlement if you are the employee or a reasonable offer for settlement if you are the employer. We attempt to sit down with the other side an explore mutual areas of agreement, so that litigation can be avoided if possible.

Negotiation: At this stage, we can often find a way to settle the case favorably for you, avoiding the cost, time, and stress of the courtroom. In most situations, a negotiated settlement will produce a happier resolution for everyone and avoid the ugliness of a court trial. It also puts the decision in your hands, not in the hand of a neutral third-party or jury.

Trial Preparation and Trial: If an agreement cannot be negotiated, we will litigate and take the case all the way through trial. We have the experience and skill to strongly advocate for you in the courtroom and pursue the outcome you deserve. Stavros sexual harassment lawyers in Utah regularly take cases involving sexual harassment to trial, and will work aggressively and tirelessly to protect your interests.​​

Lawyers Who Can Truly Evaluate Both Sides of a Dispute

When you are in the middle of a workplace sexual harassment claim — whether you are the employee fighting for your rights or an employer protecting your business — you may be better served by a lawyer who has seen these disputes from both sides. By understanding the point of view of both the employee and the employer, your lawyer can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each party's case, and may be able to pursue the results you need more efficiently and effectively.

At Stavros Law, our employment law attorneys have experience representing both employees and employers in all manner of employment law issues, including sexual harassment and harassment related claims. To discuss your case, call (801) 758-7604 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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