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Operating a business is hard work. On top of everything you do, you also need to stay on top of all of the legal issues associated with operating a business.  Failure to abide by the laws that apply to your business can be devastating. For certain businesses - start-up and growing businesses - the costs of having a lawyer in-house to counsel and advise your business is too expensive.  Or, you simply don't want to bother with employing a lawyer full-time to deal with your ongoing legal issues as you grow.  However, failing to consult with an attorney on a regular basis can destroy your business.   And,only paying for a lawyer after a problem arises is an expensive proposition.

Instead of taking the huge of risk of operating without a skilled attorney for on-going advice, or only hiring a lawyer when a problem arises, you may want predictable services at a cost that is known upfront.  For example, instead of paying at attorney $250-$350 per hour to address problems after they arise without any way of managing your legal budget, you may want to be able to consult a lawyer when needed on an on-going basis for a fixed fee.

Our in-house counsel program was developed to solve this exact problem. Based upon the size of your organization and its ongoing needs, we craft a plan unique to your legal needs.  Our services are billed based upon a fixed monthly fee and including a maximum number of hours of work for the fixed fee each month. The type of services are not restricted (but do not include litigation) and our attorneys are available by phone or telephone throughout each month. That way you know what your costs will be up-front, and you have access to an attorney as needed to manage your legal risks and to assist with legal issues that arise during the operation of your business. In addition, you get a reduced rate - at least 25% below our normal hourly rates - because of the ongoing relationship with our firm.

For more information about our in-house counsel program, and to discuss a plan that is right for your business, please call us at (801) 758-7406 or email us.

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