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Business Transactions, Contracts and Ancillary Agreements

Our Utah-based attorneys can assist your company with a variety of business transaction, contracts and ancillary agreements. We can help you manage legal risks, provide opinions and guidance, and assist you with complex transactions, contracts and ancillary agreements. 

In all business transactions, our Utah-based attorneys work to decrease your exposure to risk while increasing the value of your investment. Many times, the solution is to put the right organizational structures and contracts in place so all parties understand their roles, rights, obligations and duties, and have clear understanding about their duties and responsibilities.

If you are buying a business, our firm can evaluate the company, perform due diligence, and obtain the necessary information and disclosures from the seller. We can also help you find third-parties to assist with valuations and other professional services. And we can identify any potential sources of liability and advise you on the amount of risk you may encounter.

For individuals selling a business or an interest in a business, our attorneys can evaluate offers and help you decide how the transaction should be structured and what potential legal issues exist with respect to any contemplated transaction.  In addition, we can draft initial proposals, bid packages, letters of intent and contracts, including purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, shareholder, partner and owner agreements, Joint venture agreements and other ancillary agreements.

We also provide a wide variety of employment law services for businesses, including policies and procedures, employee handbooks, executive employment agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and other agreements necessary to managing your workforce and operating your business.

From acquisitions and mergers to sales and dissolution, to managing your operations and workforce needs, Stavros Law provides representation during each stage of your company's life.

Many small and medium-sized business owners throughout Utah trust the attorneys at Stavros Law for drafting or review of buy-sell agreements and other critical aspects of their business transactions. It is important to recognize that handling such a transaction on your own — or working only with a broker whose interests may lie almost exclusively in ensuring the sale goes through — can bring significant risk.

Our efforts on your behalf may include:

Drafting, reviewing or negotiating a purchase agreement with terms that protect your financial and personal interests to the greatest possible extent
Leveraging a strong network of business contacts and experts in other fields, such as business valuation, accounting and taxation if needed to protect your interests
Providing comprehensive, straightforward counsel on critical issues such as entity selection,business formation and the establishment of sound business policies and procedures once you complete the acquisition

Starting a Business

Every dollar counts and every decision can be pivotal if you have decided to start a business in today's challenging economy. One of the best next steps you can take is to work closely with a Utah business lawyer committed to understanding your plans and goals, presenting legal options and obligations in clear terms, and working efficiently to help lay the groundwork for your lasting success.

Stavros law has built strong, enduring relationships with numerous successful entrepreneurs and start-up companies throughout Utah. He combines extensive practical business knowledge gained as a founder of our law firm with in-depth understanding of the best solutions for:

Operating a Business

Once you establish your sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation or other business entity, you can count on Stavros Law for responsiveness and guidance in the years to come. Our lawyers have clear strengths in areas ranging from all aspects of employment law, to regulatory compliance and aggressive representation of our clients in contract disputes and other types of business litigation when such challenges arise.

Stavros law also has attorneys well versed in Utah state licensing issues, insurance coverage and other matters critical for many small and medium-sized businesses and growing companies. 
Purchasing a Business

If you are planning or considering the purchase of a business in the Salt Lake City area, one of the most important steps is to consult a lawyer who has entrepreneurial and business operational experience of his own. Our firm founder, attorney Andrew W. Stavros, is an accomplished negotiator with knowledge across the spectrum of due diligence, asset valuation and high-value business transactions.

Whether you are ready to execute a significant business purchase or you are in the evaluation stage of this process, we encourage you to turn to our firm for clear, collaborative counsel. Our attorneys will be an invaluable resource and advocate as you complete a purchase, form plans for ongoing profitability and cope with challenges that arise down the line.

Selling a Business

Whether you have operated as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation, the decision to sell your business raises many issues that call for guidance from a trustworthy lawyer with extensive business experience.. In the Salt Lake City metro and surrounding area, you can turn to the attorneys at Stavros Law for clear guidance and comprehensive protection of your financial and personal interests.

Help ensure that you derive maximum financial benefit from your business sale, through diligent assessment of real estate and asset values, tax consequences, qualification of the prospective buyer and other critical issues. The risks of selling a business on your own or through a broker, rather than having an experienced business transaction attorney on your side, are substantial. Perhaps the greatest of these is the risk that a buyer who proves unable to operate the business successfully will later claim fraud or misrepresentation. Our comprehensive upfront work developing or reviewing your prospectus and contracts can be indispensable in this time of major transition.

We take pride in delivering clear legal guidance and innovative solutions for each business client we serve. To discuss your business plan, entity selection options and other concerns, we invite you toschedule a consultation at a time that works for you.
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